Welcome to MITOMO, we send our goods worldwide.
Welcome to MITOMO, we send our goods worldwide.
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MITOMO Skin Care

Japanese people pay great attention to makeup, and Japanese women love makeup because of the Japanese workplace. If women do not wear makeup to work, it will be regarded as a rude behavior. Japanese women not only love makeup, but also like cosmeceuticals. For Japanese women, cosmeceuticals can not only embellish their own makeup, but also provide protection for the skin, and even play a role in delaying aging.

The Japanese have treated the skin care very seriously long time ago, and the internal and external treatment of the Japanese belief is considered to be the best skin care concept. This means the need for proper skin care practices plus healthy eating habits. For centuries, Japanese women like to use 100% natural skin care products, so many of the skin care products seen in Japanese skin care are natural materials, and MITOMO is also.

Starting from the face

I believe that the first sight of the MITOMO mask is sure to be attracted by its full Japanese style package.

Its packaging is a painting by the famous Japanese ukiyo-e painter Kitakawa Gakuen (1753-1806). He is full of sympathy for the Kabuki and the poor at the bottom of the society, and draws many head-based beauty paintings with delicate and elegant brushstrokes, trying to explore the unique beauty of women's innermost feelings.

Ending in the talent

★★★★★ Ingredients

Customer who have used this mask definitely feel good about it.

Because there are a lot of effective skin care ingredients added in it.

The main ingredient of the Ukiyo-e JP002 series is lithospermum.

It contains lithospermum extract, which helps keep your skin clean and moisturized. It also helps soothe sensitive skin.

The main ingredient of the Ukiyo-e JP004 series is cherry blossoms/sakura.

It contains cherry blossom extract, sakura glycosides and sakura, which are two flavonoids with excellent anti-oxidation activity extracted from cherry blossoms. Their antioxidant properties are effective against skin melanin precipitation and improve skin tone.

The main ingredient of Ukiyo-e JP005 series is Matcha

It contains matcha ingredients, and tea polyphenols in matcha powder is a good free radical scavenger that prevents lipid oxidation and inhibits the formation of melanin, thereby reducing pigmentation. It can help prevent skin from losing elasticity, prevent skin moisture loss, and help collagen formation.

★★★★★ Sheet Mask Cloth Material

The bamboo fabric is soft in texture and moderate in thickness, and can carry the full essence without dripping.

Bamboo fiber is extracted from naturally growing bamboo. Bamboo fiber has good permeability and instant water absorption, and has natural antibacterial, anti-aphid and anti-UV functions.

★★★★★ Sheet Mask Cloth Cutting

1. The design of the eyelids can give the eyes double care.

After a busy working day, give yourself a little time, let the pace of life slow down, pull up the eyelid cloth, close your eyes, and take a nap.

If you are a workaholic, or someone who can't leave the phone for a moment, then pull the eyelid down and it's time to let it save your eyes' dark circles and eye bags.

2. The bottom side of the mask can be torn up, it's suitable for all face types.

Because it is a bamboo fiber material, the texture is soft and easy to tear, you don't have to worry about the mask cloth is not suitable for your face type.

If you like it, please start the MITOMO skin care journey, you can't miss it!!!

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