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Buy Natural Japanese Pore Tightening Face Mask Sheet Online in USA - Mitomo America

Opened and enlarge pores are typically caused by excessively oily skin, sun-damaged skin, or decreased skin elasticity due to the natural aging process.

As we age, it becomes difficult to shrink the enlarged skin pores but with help from products such as Mitomo’s Pore-Tightening masks, you have just got one step closer to regaining your youth in no time.

Mitomo Pore-Cleansing are made with key ingredient produced specially from Japan, which works to get deep inside pores to gently push out dead skin, bacteria, sebum, and any other pore-clogging debris.

Check out our charcoal masks which the charcoal works to draw dirt, impurities, and excess oils from pores, making them clearer and less immediately visible.

Buy the Mitomo’s Pore-Tightening face mask sheets directly from our online store and stock up on the best face mask sheet you have ever used!