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[TKMT00562-08-040]Mitomo Facial Anti-Inflammation Skincare Beauty Face Mask Sheet bundles: 4 types 40 pcs

[TKMT00562-08-040]Mitomo Facial Anti-Inflammation Skincare Beauty Face Mask Sheet bundles: 4 types 40 pcs

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Mitomo's face mask sheet

  1. MT512-A-1?(Hyaluronic Acid) x 10
  2. MT512-C-1?(Coconut Oil) x 10
  3. MT512-C-4?(Aloe) x 10
  4. MT512-E-6?(Snail) x 10

-You can feel the difference immediately by using it only once.

- Your skin will become much elastic, clear, younger and will relieve stress from the tired skin.

- By using our high-grade mask sheet, you?¡¥ll maximize the absorbing power of highly concentrated essence and natural ingredients into the skin.

- Japanese are known for their commitment to a healthy lifestyle and a particular focus on natural foods as well as cosmetic products.

- Inflammation wreaks havoc and sometimes pain on the human body. If you?¡¥ve ever been bitten by a bug or sprained your ankle, you know that inflammation is the body's natural response to injury and infection.

- With Mitomo's natural ingredients that have anti-inflammatory characters, our Anti-Inflammation face mask sheets can help you reduce any puffs and swelling on your face.

- Reduce those sunburns and even swelling from bad pollution from the air. Our face mask sheet will take a step early to prevent and reduce any undesired effects on your skin.

- You can now buy an anti-inflammatory natural face mask here at amazon for an affordable price range from Mitomo. Get visible positive results right away.

How to use:

  1. After cleansing your skin, apply your daily toner to soothe your face.
  2. Take the mask out from the package and unfold it.
  3. Apply the mask on your face, avoid contact with the eyes. Leave the mask on your face for 20-30 minutes.
  4. The required time is over, remove the mask from your face and massage your face with the remaining essence to help further absorption.